Setting up a Bank Account

Steps involved in setting up a new GL account which becomes your new bank account

Written By Grainne Reidy (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 28th, 2024


Before setting up a new Bank Account you must first set up a General Ledger Control Account Code for your new Bank Account. This account will hold the Bank Balance and associated transactions.


 Managing General Ledger Accounts‍ 

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Setting up a Bank Account

  1. Go to the Bank > Bank List > Add New Bank.


  1. In the Add/Edit screen, go to Select a GL Account. In the dropdown, click Create a new GL Account. This opens the General Ledger Maintenance screen. 

  1. Enter your General Ledger Code and select your General Ledger Category and Sub Category.

  1. Click Process to save this new General Ledger Account. It will automatically become your new bank account.


You may have to click Refresh to see your new Bank Account.


Editing Bank Account Details

In the Bank List grid, click A/C Details under Account Code & Name.


Setting up a TransferMate Bank Account 

A TansferMate Bank Account can be used to process payments to foreign suppliers. You will need your TransferMate username and password during this process. For more details, see Processing Foreign Supplier Payments using TransferMate‍.

If you want to use TransferMate in Bulk Payment, see Creating New Bulk Payments and Using Bulk Payment Approval.‍ ‍ 



TransferMate bank accounts should be set up in your company's base currency. If you want to be able to settle in multiple currencies, set up multiple accounts.

As when setting up regular bank accounts:

  1. Create a GL Account for the new TransferMate account. 
  2. Go to Bank > Add New Bank to create a new bank account. Select the GL account you just created and add a name for the new TransferMate account (this could be just 'TransferMate'). 
  3. Under the Online Payments Gateway Settings section, click Set Online Payments Gateway. If you cannot see the Online Payment Gateway, please contact support at and request to have it set up.

  1. Click the TransferMate logo.

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  1. Enter your new TransferMate login details (provided when you signed up for the service) and click Login.

  1. After authentication via the TransferMate portal, select which bank account you wish to use to settle the cost of any FX payments runs. Click Accept. This links your new TransferMate bank account to the associated account on the TransferMate portal. 




If the account you wish to use to settle does not appear you will need to create this within the TransferMate portal before processing FX payment runs in the system.



  1. Back in the bank setup screen, click Save to create a new account in the system