Accessing Support and Services

Using QHub to raise and view tickets, access help, and services.

Written By Grainne Reidy (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 9th, 2024




QHub only supports customers on AIQ1, AIQ2, and AIQ3 pricing plans. It is not currently available to partners. If you are a partner, see Accessing Support (Non-QHub users).‍ 

With QHub you can do the following directly in the AIQ system:

  • Access Online Learning, including videos and articles, and the academy.
  • Access Support by raising a ticket via Zendesk. With Zendesk, you can log all details of your outstanding queries or issues and any responses, and view past submitted incidents.
  • Access services.
  • Leave Feedback.


 AIQ Group Admin Layer (1.2) - AIQ Academy

Company General Overview (1.3) - AIQ Academy

Navigating in AIQ‍ 

Accessing Support (Non-QHub users)‍ 


Access Learning via QHub

  1. Go to the icon.
  2. In the popup that opens, click Help Hub.
  3. You can access links to the following:
    • FAQs: Find solutions to the most common inquiries.
    • Help Articles: Access our comprehensive knowledge base.
    • Video Help: Access our academy's videos on YouTube.
    • What's New: Learn about our newest releases.

Access or Sign up to AIQ Academy

  1. Go to the icon.
  2. In the popup that opens, click Academy.
  3. You can access links to the following:
    • Contact Us To Sign Up
    • Access Academy

Access Zendesk Support via QHub

Raise a ticket in QHub

  1. Go to the icon. 
  2. In the popup that opens, go to HelpHubRaise a ticket.

  3. Sign in to Zendesk with your credentials.
    If you have emailed support previously but do not have a password, click Get a password. If you have never interacted with support, click Sign up.


Using Zendesk Support

If you have administrative privileges, then you will be able to access all reported incidents for your company. Otherwise, you will only see your own Incidents. Contact your Group (Practice) Administrator or System Provider to get access to your individual company.

Viewing Requests in Zendesk

In Zendesk, go to Requests > My Requests to view all your reported Incidents and their status. If you have permission to see organization-wide requests in this tab, you'll see all tickets raised by your colleagues under Requests I'm CC'd on.

Submitting Requests

You can also enter a new request by clicking Submit a Request.

When the Incident has been investigated by your System Provider, you will receive an email response like this:


Access Services via QHub



The Services available to you are dependent on your price plan.

  1. Go to the icon.
  2. In the popup that opens, click Services.
  3. You can access links to the following:
    • Integration Queries
    • Adopt a Feature
    • Add Entity
    • Instructor Led Training
    • Talk with your CSM